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Thread: The Ultimate Fur Lovers Story!!!

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    Default Fur Bondage heaven!

    My delicious breasts shake with excitement, straining at the soft fur and shiny latex encasing them, my pointed erect nipples poking into the air. Unhurriedly, I smooth my dress down around my gorgeous butt, and my succulent thighs. I let my taloned hands rest lightly on the sheer shiny smoothness at the tops of my black silk stockings. I revel in the bondage of my feet and calves encased in my glossy black thigh-high boots; my poor toes supporting all my weight on the arched 5" high heel platforms. I stand and walk about with my heels clicking on the floor, thinking about my soon to be feminized fur sissy.

    My heavily lashed eyes close as I imagine him cowering before me, standing, held constrained, erect, dressed like a hot whore, in tight, thick fur pelts, and shiny restricting leather! His head forcibly imprisoned in my tightest full fur lined bondage hood, his sweet, luscious, lip-sticked mouth utterly filled with an inflatable gag shaped like a long hard fat penis, pumped up to the max by me, the new ruler of his universe, Mistress Alaina!

    I imagine his eyes with my lovely make up job complete with 2" long eyelashes, thick eyeliner, heavy mascara, and multiple shades of eye shadow. Now his eyes look concerned. Smiling, I gaze down his body and see his tightly imprisoned cock, enormous and throbbing, with just its head sticking out of its fur wrap. I have managed to lace up a Chinchilla fur penis cover that tightly binds my little slave's cock shaft from behind its swollen purple head to the base of his throbbing balls.

    I walk slowly towards him, enjoying hearing the tip-tap of my heels on the floor, rolling my hips as if I was already fucking him, looking into his pathetic eyes behind his crimson leather hood that I took 10 minutes to tightly lace complete with a tiny lock to keep it that way. I am in a good mood so I make a sexy "O" shape with my creamy, pink lips and blow him a kiss.

    "Oh, are you hot and bothered, slave?" I say, tilting my head to the side like I really cared. "Mmmmpphh...murmmm... mmmgh!!!" "I'm sorry darling; I can't quite hear you because of that nasty 'ol fur hood and that sweet rubber dick in your mouth." I say as I lightly caress the soft fur of my $16,000 Russian Sable coat with my kid-leather gloves. I am really getting excited. I run both hands over my tits, feeling my erect nipples through the ultra soft fur. They move up and down as I watch the shiny soft fur yielding to my touch. Up and down. I can't stop myself. The touch and smell of fur has always been an intense source of rapture for me. Just wearing this coat takes my breath away and fills me with sensuous dreams of fur ecstasy.

    My slave's gagged mumblings start up again bringing my attention back to him. I smile and strut closer until I am standing face-to-face with my newest fur bitch, my fur sister … my fresh lesbian lover. I treat him to a light stroke of his exposed cock head with my leather-covered hand. His whole body quivers. I reach down, take a few drops of pre-cum from his penis, and rub them under the nose holes of his hood so he can get a good whiff.

    Still smiling I remark, "Doesn't that smell nice? Ohhhh, but I'm so sorry. You can't taste it can you?" I continue to stroke and stroke. "My, you really are excited today. I can feel your balls hanging heavy, darling. I can sense your need to cummmmm. . …Oh, you are oh so hard! And ready! Like an over-ripe tomato ready whose juices are ready to squirt all over when I bite into it!" I whisper as I move my hand down his sleeved shaft slowly, lightly, squeezing … stroking. Always in stroking in one direction, away from his body to prevent any release of his sexual "tension. I call it "slut stroking," testing his reactions along that long, hard, fur encased cock of his.

    "Awwww. Don't you want to come? Oh, please, my little fur sissy." I murmur as I change my stroking and start pumping my hand up and down, faster and faster. "Please. Come on. See, I'm going to help ... now ... CUMMMM!!!"

    He sees the determination in my face, and I see the fear in his eyes. "Come on, baby. You know you want me to do this to you. Dress you up like a little sissy girl and make you cum in my hand." His tightly fur bound body sways as I continue to work his cock…up – down, up – down, setting up an irresistible rhythm, bringing him to the brink of his ecstasy and then…

    "But, darling, I should warn you, if you cum now, your Mistress will be very angry with you. Do you hear me? You don't want to upset your Mistress, do you, my adorable slave slut? Look at you in all your furs. They're just so tight, so thick, soooo soft. Hundreds of sissy men would give their lives to be here with me…dressed like you."

    The look of fear in his eyes intensifies. He knows that in my hands, he is defenseless, helpless, out of control. "You are becoming so feminine. Look at the breasts I've given you. Huge, heavy leather covered tits with their soft fur lining rubbing against your own breasts." I move closer and stare into his eyes. My long wet tongue flicks out to lick my lips as I slowly reach up and rub my own constrained breasts with the sleeve of my Sable, tilting my head back and closing my eyes for another moment of pleasure. I regain my composure and look at my toy again. "Oh, you make me soooo hot!" making my lips into a big red "O."

    "And look at your nipples. You have such hard nipples." I run my tongue around the points of his fake breasts. Without taking my eyes off his, I gently pull my bra down to reveal my own nipples, standing hard and tall. I take a deep sexy breath and then lift a nipple to where my slave's mouth should be behind his hood, offering him a chance to suck on it. "Aww, baby. You don't want this?" I tease. "Oh, I'm so sorry. I forgot that you're a bit tied up at the moment. Here, let me do it for you." Keeping eye contact, I lift my huge, firm breast to my lips, licking it and sucking on the nipple until it's wet and shiny. His eyes roll back in the mask and another moan comes from deep inside.

    "I do believe your waist is as tiny as any women's I've seen. All forced in by that tightly laced mink lined corset I had made especially for you. Mmmmm, absolutely delicious." I purr. "And I forced you into those smooth, shiny, black stockings, trimmed with yummy fox fur at the tops. I'll bet that fur really feels heavenly rubbing against your big droopy balls when I make you prance around in those gorgeous 6" "fuck-me" heels, doesn't it? I could just drop to my knees, lick the inside of your thighs, and smear my lipstick from your knees to your tight asshole. Would you like that, mm? Oh, but wait, I just remembered. I have a gift for you."

    I walk to the closet making sure my slave can't take his eyes off my swaying ass. I return holding a giant silver fox muff. It must be 36 inches in diameter. "Hmmmmm, what do we have here, lover? I bet you have never seen a muff this big before. Sooo soft and supple, with that beautiful silvery color and those long black tipped guard hairs. And there, look, your cockhead is so hard and ready, just screaming 'Fur me, Mistress, fur me'!!"

    I revel in the lust and excitement in his eyes as he gazes at his gift. With a wicked look, I resume my task of jacking him off with my right hand, regaining my recurrent pace of pumping his meat. With my left hand snuggly warm inside the muff, I start using it to lightly fur his testicles and the sensitive skin between his legs.

    There is an immediate reaction in his scrotum. He's having a hard time holding back even with his cock so tightly laced with leather and fur. I force him closer to the consummate pain in his balls that are now forbidden to shoot up his cum. His eyes fill with tears. "Ohhh! You are such sexy bitch. I am soooo turned on looking at my fur sister in that hood laced just sooo tight around your head and your hot, moist mouth so stuffed full of fur covered dildo almost choking you..." His eyes plead with me. "I know, darling. You want me to pump up your gag even more don't you? You do love to suck a hard cock, don't you? Stand still now, while I attach the tube and inflator. There you are, just a few quick squeezes and...Oh dear me, have I pumped it up too much?" He sees the mock concern in my eyes. His breathing is becoming very rapid and his eyes are bugging out as he strains for more oxygen.

    I begin caressing my lovely slaves' cock with the enormous muff, using my lightest touch as I continue to masturbate him ... ever so slowly now. My fur bitch's poor cock, with its thick, engorged dark purple head freely leaks gooey liquid onto the floor in front of us. Only its head is sticking out of the dreamy, soft, furry casing wrapped tightly around his shaft. "Oh yessss…it's not too snug is it dear?" I can smell his sweat mixing with the aroma of the leather and fur. His eyes are fixed on my colossal nipples, inches away from his sealed lips, as his hips pump back and forth in time with my stroking.

    Suddenly I stop stroking and press my fur-sheathed body against my sissy slut.

    I step back quickly in mock disgust; the sharp high-heels of my shoes scraping the polished wood floor. "Don't you dare!" I warn him as I push him back against the huge four-poster bed, strapping him tightly to one of the uprights. "We're sisters. What you want to do would be incest." I tease as he continues to try to dry-fuck himself against me.

    Finished securing him, I step back to admire my work. I can see his eyes roll back in his head, as he gasps for air. I hear the muffled whimpers from behind the over inflated device forcing his jaws wide open and pressing against the back of his throat. I reach out to feel the pulsing urgency of his cock with a leather covered finger and then I completely understand. My poor darling wants to die cumming for me. How romantic.

    He is frantically mumbling something through his gag, and his hips continue to hump thin air trying to start his ejaculation. Nevertheless, no matter how hard he tries, there will be no relief for him now. I smile and gaze into his beady bloodshot eyes as I gently rub my cheek with the soft muff. Playing with him has made me extremely horny. Again, I rub the fur softly across my cheek, then bury my nose and mouth in it, breathing in deeply to enjoy the aroma of the fur and perfume. I close my eyes, and fiercely squeeze and pull my nipples as I continue to rub the fur into my face and slowly trace it along my neck down to my bare throbbing breasts. I lean up against the bed for support, catching a glimpse of my poor slave, bound just inches away from me, his eyes practically popping out of his head.

    Now I am madly furring my tits with one hand and my other reaches to my wet crotch and I start to stroke myself into heavenly bliss. I burst into a climax with my eyes fixed directly on my slave's face. I try to look as passionate as I scream out in delight, and he moans in despair. I leer at him and give him a long hot kiss on the leather of his mask. "Alas, I'm afraid I must leave you darling. After all, I have to get ready for this evening's festivities myself."

    Normally, my day begins late in the afternoon. I awake refreshed from my dreams, naked under my sheared mink sheets. I put on my Lynx trimmed evening robe and walk to my master bath suite to take a nice hot bath. After soaking in the sunken tub, I carefully trim my trademark luscious, heart shaped, pussy fur. I ring for my housemaid to being me my towels. She arrives almost immediately and as she towels me dry, I check her uniform and appearance. If she doesn't meet with my approval, I will punish her severely, but not until after I am dressed and eaten breakfast. The maid has been with me for three years and is used to keeping her black and white maid's uniform in good repair. Her "Shirley Temple" hairstyle leaves her ash blonde hair it hundreds of tiny ringlets. Her French heeled black silk stockings look proper with their seams straight from her cute little petti-coated ass clear down to her 5" stiletto heeled black pumps. Her make up is done in a street whore motif. It's very garish and heavy. Just the way I want it. No one would guess that she was a male shoe salesman from Toronto when I first got her.

    She rubs plenty of skin conditioner into my body. Her fingers are careful to seek out my nipples, pussy, and the flower of my delicious round butt. Satisfied my skin is silky smooth she blow-dries and brushes my stunning, long, blonde hair, fluffing it to a tasteful but ravishing style. I run my hands through my locks, admiring the highlights, making sure it feels every bit as soft as the furs I love. It flows easily down and over my soft shoulders. My bangs are perfect and feathered sides frame my perfect face. Long, blonde and luxurious, just the way I like it.

    She then powders and perfumes my smooth body. Next to fur, and slaves, I like the scent of my special fragrance best of all. I make sure she sprays a generous amount on my nipples, neck, crotch and ass.

    I enjoy watching her eyes as she touches me. Making sure that the flames of her passion for me still burn brightly. I can see that she wants me to give her a few minutes of touchy-feely time but I am a woman on a schedule with responsibilities and she knows better then to ask. Next, she takes a black corset and holds it out for me to slip on. It is very, very tight; it gives me a wonderful hourglass figure. Instead of wearing a bra tonight, the corset I have selected has two fur-lined half cups that support my beautiful tits without covering them. That way my furs can constantly stimulate my swollen nipples to their full height. It pushes my tits up and surrounds them with wonderful shiny soft blue fox fur.

    My black panties, thickly lined with soft brown Sable fur, are designed with a small pocket that holds a small battery powered vibrator tightly against my clitoris. The remote control is in my purse so that I can buzz myself to ecstasy whenever I want. The fabulously soft hairs of the fur tickle my delicious pussy as I walk. After applying more body powder, in my personal scent of course, a pair of my black fishnet stockings are carefully rolled on over my coral red-varnished toenails and attached to six taut garters hanging from my corset, each with its own tuft of blue fox fur. The maid makes sure my garters pull my sexy stockings up my thighs to the bursting point.

    After another dusting of powder, she helps me slip into my tight sheared beaver dress. It feels cool, smooth, and soft. My dress is made of thick, shiny, black fur and reaches from the tops of my nipples to just above my knees where hidden tight leather bands surround my thighs and force me to take tiny sexy steps that make my gorgeous butt sway back and forth, as I walk. After all, why should just my slaves have all that bondage fun?

    My shoes are imported from Italy. They are extremely high-heeled red pumps with a multitude of straps designed to reveal as much as possible of my silken-encased feet and their painted toes as they flex and wriggle when my slaves' eager tongues service them! I walk to the full-length mirror, undulating my hips in a sultry way. I like what I see. Whenever I go to a party, almost all the men hit on me, and at least half the women. I never go away empty handed.

    I dismiss the maid. I am finished with her for now. She will be content finishing the housework, and playing with some of my furs and toys. I slither into my sexy full-length crystal-dyed fox coat with its tuxedo front, empire collar and gigantic puffed sleeves. Of course, I leave it open to emphasize my waspish waist contrasted by the shiny red silk lining inside. Part of the sexy turn-on of fur for me is feeling the heavy weight of a quality fur.

    I make a final check my make-up. After nearly two hours of careful application, it's heavy, glamorous and totally over-the-top. My three-inch long diamond earrings dangle softly against my face and tickle my shoulders. I take out my perfume bottle and spray my scent on everything again.

    One final quick brush of my beautiful hair and I am ready for the evening's slave hunt. I have needed a night out like this for weeks. I must find some new talent for our "fur cloister."

    I stand, charged, heart thumping, inside the front door; my arms encased in my black opera length kid leather gloves rest on the dead bolt and handle. I open the door and feel the cold fall wind caress my legs through the sheer hose; I hear my high heels scrape and click on the hard pavement. I walk slowly, my high heels forcing all of my weight onto my toes. I look down and see them flex every time I take a step. The bondage straps around the hem of my dress force me to take short choppy steps, enhancing the sway of my scrumptious ass. I wrap my fur around my body and push the collar of my coat up around my head feeling its softness and warmth. The long fur caresses my nose, neck and ears.

    After I stroll around the block a couple of times, a nice Jaguar coupe pulls up and the driver rolls down the passenger side window. "Care for a lift, miss?" he says. I can't believe my luck. I widen my eyes, bat my long eyelashes, and lick my lips. He's perfect. He's in an expensive car, a gorgeous tailored cashmere top coat, well groomed, has a demure voice, is slightly built, and he's in his late forties, early fifties. Everything I look for in a sissy slave.

    "Oh, would you mind terribly?" I pout, waiting for him to open the door and help me in. After all, men are supposed to have manners aren't they? Once inside the car, the poor darling's eyes feast on my shiny black thigh high boots with my stockings peeking over the top as I let my fur coat fall open showing him my stunning shape. I slither across the seat towards him. I pull on the seat belt and chinch it down to make my huge tits even more prominent. He begins to lick his lips and has trouble putting the Jag in gear.

    I reach into my purse and take out a tube of deep pink coral lipstick and my compact mirror. With a great show of femininity, I apply the lipstick, thick and creamy to my pouting lips. "Where to?" the little fellow asks. He is obviously getting more excited by the sight of me in my soft fur coat, short velvety dark fur dress outlined by the coat's red lining. I put the lipstick away. I am the picture of perfection, a trap ready to spring closed. "Why don't we go to your place?" I suggest. He licks his lips and almost giggles. "Yes. Why don't we?" he replies.

    We quickly reach his place and pull into the attached garage. I get out, smoothing down my tight dress, enjoying the feel of running my hands over the fur. My shoes and stockings are shiny in the evening lighting, and my heels click-clack on the concrete floor. He unlocks the door to his condo and holds it open for me. We enter.

    "I, ah…see you like to wear fur," he says somewhat nervously. I open my fur coat and allow his greedy eyes to gorge on the vision of skintight fur encasing a voluptuous corseted slut, glossy and glamorous.

    "Oh yes, I just love fur." Taking his hint, I ask "Do you … enjoy fur?" "Why, yes. Yes I do," he replies as he licks his lips again and wipes his sweaty palms on his pants. "Soft, luxurious fur? Tight fur? Really thick fur, drawn so tight it hurts?" I ask, already knowing the answer, but playing the game. "Oh…yessss." his voice goes up two octaves. "This is going to be so easy," I think to myself. "Do you have any furs to wear or even … play in?" I ask. "Yes! Yes, I do. They're just upstairs," is his reply. I have just about made up my mind to keep him as I say, "Well, sweetheart, let's go up then."

    I walk to the stairs slowly, making sure his little pig eyes follow my huge gyrating ass. I can feel the heat from his body as he listens to the silk on my thighs rubbing together and my heels clicking on the wooden parquet flooring ... click-swish-clack-swish-click...

    As we enter the stairwell hallway, I shrug my shoulders and allow my fur coat to slide to the floor. He gasps as my hourglass wasp waist and huge fur wrapped tits are revealed in their full mouth-watering glory. I slowly bend over to pick up my coat, giving him a nose full of my ass. I "accidentally" brush his face with the fox as I turn and half close my long eyelashes to fix my eyes on my prey. He reaches into a pocket and produces a large handkerchief, which he uses to wipe the sweat dripping from his brow.

    "Do you like to play bondage? Have you any ... bondage toys upstairs?" I say, breathlessly while I make a large "O" with my scrumptious lips as I say the word "toys." Then I lick my lips slowly and push my heavy fur into his waiting arms and face. The fur and the perfume are working on him quickly. "Y-y yes," he stammers as he almost cums in his pants right there. I open my eyes wide, like a shocked girl. "Oh goody. And would you like to play fur bondage" I lick my lips once more, sighing and panting slightly.

    "Oh yes!" He gasps. I slide my black leather encased hands over my shiny fur-encased buttocks. I make sure my coat is trapped between us for the full furry affect, and take him in my arms. I thrust against his now erect little cock. I shove my rock hard, almost exposed nipples in his face. So far, so good. I decide to go for broke. I whisper, "Could you wear some of those ... furs ... for little 'ol me?" I raise my arched eyebrow and pout girlishly, grinding at his crotch and stroking his bald head. I slowly move my succulent lips nearer his ear. "Would you like to play like that? To be encased in tight sexy fur with, maybe, a nice gag filling your mouth. Would that excite you? Hmmmm?" I whisper. "Oh ...y-y-yes, YES!" he replies, grabbing my ass and pulling me harder against his throbbing tool as if he had something I've never seen before. "You may call me Mistress. Understand?" I reply. "Oh, yes … Mistress!"

    "Possibly will…would you get hard if I laced a furry bondage hood on your head and slowly, ever so sssslowly, pumped up the gag inside your mouth so that all your senses were on the fur and me while I make you watch me play with my nipples and pussy using something furry. Would you get excited? Would that make you squirt?" I feel the throbbing hardness of his pathetic cock through the thinness of his trousers as I gently squeeze and stroke it.

    I almost laugh out loud, as he actually starts drooling. "Oh, oh, oh, please, please, pleasssse Mistress! Oh please, let's do it! Oh oh ohhhhh!!" he begs. His eyes are closed and he breathes heavily. He's hooked! I sweetly ask "Would you squirt for me? I'd adore watching your cock splash thick cum into the air. I'd really be crazy about watching that. I'll bet a real man like you could pump it a foot in the air. Do you think you could do that for me? Hmmm? Do you?"

    I'm rubbing him harder now, my eagerly grasping fingers find the zipper of his trousers and I pull it down slowly taking out his pathetic stiff little rod. It feels hot in the palm of my kid glove as I begin to masturbate him slowly up and down, up and down, all the time, whispering to him. "Oh my, you are so thick and hard! I bet when you cum, you scream don't you sugar, ? You're a loud screamer aren't you; I'd put money on that. Well, you simply won't be able to scream if you are wearing a sweet bondage hood, will you. Can you feel the softness of my gloves on your cock, squeezing and coaxing? Hmmm? Doesn't it feel divine? But I hope you are not thinking of cumming now are you? Not yet, Darling. Your fur Mistress is telling you that you must hold it back for the time being. I want you fully furred, totally encased and bound, before your cock spurts for me. Do you understand?" I ask, enjoying his obvious confusion.

    "Y-y-yes!" he finally stammers, gaining my admiration for his remarkable self-control over so small a dick. "Yes-what!" I demand, still stroking and squeezing his delicious meat. "Yes ... Mistress…?" he questions, eyes wide with anguished desire. "You may call me Mistress Alaina." "Yes, Mistress Alaina," he finally answers. I release his cock for a moment and bring my glove up to his nose. It's already soaked with his ejaculate. He easily becomes lost in the smell of his juices and my leather. "Oh, look! You have mucked up my glove," I say with a hurt look on my face. "What ever will I do now?" "Here Mistress Alaina, May I clean up that mess for you?" he asks extending his tongue. "Well, if you insist." I hold my hand palm up as he licks up every drop. "You are sooooo good with that tongue."

    "Bring along my fur for me, won't you?" I coyly ask. He bends over, placing his face dangerously close to my heels, and stands back up with my coat in his hands. I firmly grasp his feeble little penis again, take my fur and lay it on top of my hand and his cock. "Don't let it fall off, darling," I order. I turn around, my heels scraping the floor. "Now ... follow me," as I begin to climb the stairs, his manhood still grasped tightly in my hand, I pull him closer to my swaying hips so his nose is buried in the fur of my dress, right up against my ass.

    Upstairs in his bedroom I have him stand before me holding my coat with everything hanging out of his pants as I inspect his vast and varied collection of furs and bondage gear. All the clothes are feminine attire including some very high heels. Nothing is male. Have I found a fur sissy? "What is this?" I demand, raising an imperious eyebrow. "I-I like to dress up as a woman, Mistress Alaina." "Do you now? How interesting. Take off your clothes, and put these pretty red pumps on. What do you think? Will that five inch heel be enough for you?"

    "Oh, yes Mistress," he immediately complies, quickly buckling them on his feet, and stands naked in front of me in the accepted slave position; hands behind his neck, legs spread, and his "little soldier" now limp with humiliation. Standing in the shoes is difficult for him. Good! Well at least someone has previously trained this one, I think to myself. I examine his body, walking slowly around until I am behind him. I gently caress his hairless buttocks, pushing my sheared beaver wrapped body up and down his naked skin. "I see you like to keep your body clean of any pesky hair. I like that in a slave," I muse.

    His body begins to shake. I slowly allow my hands to travel around to his cock. Taking it gently in my hand, I begin to rub him very, very, very slowly . . .pumping up, pumping down, up…. and down as I explore his ear with my treacherously long warm tongue. In no time, he is stiff and erect again, moaning slightly through gritted teeth.

    "Tell me," I whisper into his ear, my hard nipples pressing into his back. I cup his balls and cruelly squeeze while continuing to slide my other hand along his rigid penis. "Tell me, how do you hide this little thing when you're dressed up in your woman's clothes?" The only reply he can muster is a stutter. "I . . . I, um . . .ah!" His penis feels like it may explode any minute but I have a lot of experience in controlling situations like this. "You are almost ready, aren't you? Ready to cum. Your poor little cock is at bursting point. I'll bet you haven't masturbated in your furs for a while now. Good. Your balls are filled with hot, thick, creamy spunk. You need to cum! You must cum! You feel your cock will explode if you don't squirt out your hot, salty, juice, don't you?" "Yes! Yes! Please, Mistress Alaina, I beg you, please!" he cries, almost insane with desire. And I haven't even started to really work on him yet...

    As my prey watches helplessly, I pick out a robust looking leather hood and examine it. To my surprise, it is lined with thick rabbit fur and has an inflatable, fur covered, penis-shaped gag, which will fill the inside of his mouth nicely. Connected to this, is a tube with a threaded connection and a black rubber inflator bulb. This bitch has spent a lot of money on his toys. I smell the musky odor of the fur and leather. A warm tingly feeling starts in my vaginal lips and moves to engulf my entire body.

    I look at him and hold the bondage hood up so he can see it. I turn it inside out and begin to rub his cock with the fur lining as he remains in his slave posture. In no time at all he ejaculates massively into it, spewing wads of thick, stringy sperm. I look at him with feigned shock. "I told you not to spurt and look what you did, you little bitch!" He looks completely horrified. He should be.

    My leather enclosed hand makes certain that his sperm is smeared all over the inside surface of the hood. "Oooo, sperm soaked fur. Yummy, yum. Now, lick my glove clean," I order. He enthusiastically licks up every drop, finishing by sucking each finger clean.

    I reach into my purse and take out my makeup bag. "Come here my little transvestite sissy, so I can put you into your hood." I gaze on my new fur slave slowly walking toward me and stifle a smile. Each step in his high heels is tremendously wobbly. "Damn it, girl, I want to see you swish when you walk for me. Now get back there and do it again." He immediately changes into a short choppy swishing motion, making his round little butt sway invitingly. "That's better. But first I want my little fur whore to look pretty." I expertly apply several layers of bright blue eye shadow, mascara, heavy eyeliner, and rouge to his pale cheeks. Finally I apply several coats of creamy bright red lipstick to his pursed lips," satisfied that he will leave a nice red ring on the penis gag. "Come here slave, let me imprison your head in fur," I smile wickedly, "and your own cum." I turn the cum-stained hood right side out and begin stretching the hood open between my hands.

    He stands before me, unsteady on his legs; his tiny cock poking out comically. "Bow your head," I say and begin pulling the tight hood over his head, the fresh, warm, creamy sperm clearly working its way into his face. "Open your mouth, I want to slide the gag in. " I slowly push the gag into his trembling lipstick decorated mouth…and continue to pull the form fitting hood down past his chin and neck. His head is now completely encased in fur and leather. He watches me fearfully through small eyeholes with cum dripping from them as I step behind him to lace the hood tight. It will take a bit of time but the result will be well worth my time.

    When the gag is pumped up fully, my slave will only be able to breath through two plastic tubes molded in the hood that fit up his nostrils. I step back, not wanting to inflate the gag just yet. I will enjoy hearing his muffled responses as we talk a bit more. I sit down on a chair, pull up my dress to show my thighs tightly pressed together, and I command him to kneel at my feet.

    "You like my beautiful legs, don't you? Hmmm? Listen to my stockings whisper as I rub my thighs." I move my legs, silk brushing against leather and fur. "Mmm yeth-Mmithreth," he says. This time I can't help myself. I laugh in his face. The gag causes him to lisp. After letting him stare at my legs for a few minutes, I get bored and want to play some more. I reach into my purse and remove a small harness that will tightly surround his hard little dick and will encase and separate his poor balls in tight leather, rendering him helpless to ejaculate.

    I point to the large black fox throw on the floor beside his bed. "Lie down on your back," I command. He obeys. "Open your thighs." To emphasize my command, I slide my foot encased in its stiletto-heeled shoe between his thighs and feel his tight balls against my polished pumps. His eyes look fearful. I wriggle the tip and his balls twitch at my pleasure. His fear of what I might do with my shoe causes him to return from his brink of ecstasy. I bend over and quickly have my harness tightly secured on his privates, leaving him completely under my control, with his testicles pulled down a good three inches. They immediately begin turning a delightful blue.

    "Get up," I command. Quickly he is on his feet and his penis is jutting stiffly into the air, pulsing, thick-veined, and full. I am tempted to do him a favor and suck him off, try to make him explode in a creamy fountain, but no,…I have some more complex fun in mind.

    "Now, let's see. You're head is fully encased, shall we finish dressing you?" I ask as I get up and search through his huge collection of furs in the closet. "My, My! You have quite a collection here. Ah, yes. I think I would love to see you dressed as a total fur whore. You are a whore aren't you?" I say raising one eyebrow. "Yeth Misthress, I luf to geth fuckth," was his reply. "I though so," as I enjoy his trembling when I begin to wrap him in severe a fur-trimmed corset. It has heavy leather, a steel busk in the front, and a back flap to cover the exposed skin between the center back panels. He struggles as I close the busk and start to lace up the corset. I find several antique corset hooks in a drawer, which I use to speed things up.

    The spiral steel boning is having its desired effect as I hear his breathing become labored through the nose holes and around the gag. It is crushing his lower ribs since the corset is designed for a woman and not a man. I expertly lace him tighter and tighter into the corset. "Not tight enough," I say as I survey my work. I can hear his gagged panting, the result of my handiwork.

    "Come over here." As I walk towards the large 4-poster bed, he obediently minces behind me. I step aside and I push him, face down onto the bed, and into the thick silver fox bed cover. I put my knee in his back and continue pulling and tightening the laces. I finally succeed in creating the divine severely restricted wasp waist that I want. "Oh my darling, are you having a bit of trouble catching your breath? Well you wanted to be dressed like a sexy sissy so I guess you will have to struggle to continue to breathe in it."

    I grin as I watch him toiling for air. His chest is heaving as he fights the tightness of the corset. The lack of oxygen will make his coming sexual ordeal even more exciting for him. Playfully, I toy with the inflator bulb and gently give it a little squeeze. Air is forced into his gag and his eyes widen.

    "Relax, my little love toy. I…won't pump it up. Not fully ... not just yet," I say. I go back to the closet and find him a beautiful pair of long glossy black nylon stockings. "Here, put these on for me." He sits and labors to lean forward in his tight corset. But he is obviously experienced and finally he rolls them on. "I do not want to see any wrinkles in your stockings, young lady. Smooth them out, nice and glossy. That's it!" I sweetly croon as he skillfully clips them to the numerous garters dangling from the bottom of his corset. I notice several long full foxtails in his closet, how interesting. I clip one to each of his garters. These will hang down and drive him crazy as they caress and tickle his exposed skin. Besides he will look soooo silly.

    Next, I find a brassiere fully lined with thick mink and equipped with ridiculously large built-in breast forms shaped like two giant cones. They're weighted so they will make it even more difficult for him to walk in the shoes I plan to put on him later. I fish around in my purse and find some super-glue that I use to secure his own nipples to the inside of the breast forms. Taking them off later will be a challenge for him. I force him into the tight bra, making minor adjustments, getting it just right, until he has a perfect pair of giant furred tits that match his perfect wasp waist.

    "Sugar, you don't seem to have much of an ass," I thoughtfully observe. His sad eyes tell me that he knew this already. I quickly find a pair of large butt forms, which I super-glue to his buttocks. A tight, body forming, leather mini-skirt catches my eye in the closet. It is bright red and has large zippers from bottom to hip on each side. "Nice? Hmmm? Yesssss?" I ask, holding the dress in front of him, dangling it from my gloved finger. I find a large powder puff in one of his drawers and proceed to liberally powder his body prior to fitting him into the tight dress. Then I manage to force it up over his thighs and new ass after opening the zippers. My new slave wriggles and pulls it up the rest of the way, stretching and wiggling, while smoothing out the wrinkles. I make him pull down the zippers and take two small locks from my purse and make sure he can't open the zippers. Now he is my prisoner in his sexy little dress. The giant foxtails hang below the skirt making him look totally silly. I find a video camera in a dresser drawer and begin to record our little adventure.

    There he stands, trembling with fear and passion; his bloated cock clearly outlined beneath the tight fur of the corset and dress. Admittedly, the mini-skirt is a bit short as the hem is about two inches above the tops of his stockings, but it shows off his garters and the fur tops of the stockings will certainly drive his scrotum crazy. Apart from his complete lack of panties, he is entirely encased in fur and leather except for his arms.

    I watch him; holding his attention with my cat-like eyes. He is trying to control his excitement and keep his body from shaking. I know he would just love to stare at me and rub his cock through the layers of leather fur. I pass him a pair of red shoulder length kid gloves that have huge cuffs made of black fox fur and long straps that go across the shoulders. He adds dusting powder to his arms and starts pulling the close-fitting material up. When he has managed to get them up to his armpits, I pull the straps tightly across his back and secure them with another small padlock.

    The look in his eyes in priceless. He realizes that only I can release him from his bondage. I search for a couple more locks and secure his corset and bra. "I'll just keep the keys myself," I say. "You are looking really good, ." I reach for one of the latex full cover female masks on the top shelf. "Here, I think I would really love to fuck someone who looks like this."

    As I force a beautifully detailed face with long shoulder length acrylic purple hair over his hood, I make sure that the hose from his penis gag hangs through the mouth. My slave's eyes peek out at me from behind his prison. Dry crusty sperm is on his eyelashes. "You may rub yourself slave. I wish to observe you masturbating. Go on girl... do it. Now!"

    He begins to rub himself at the crotch of his tight mini dress, groaning through the gag as I watch him. His eyes half-closed in passion; his need to cum overpowering. However, he is tightly locked in the mini-dress. His eyes plead with me. "What the hell," I think, "We're going to be together for a long time." Once more couldn't hurt him. I reach in my purse, pull out the key and unlock the zippers on his dress. Frantically he pulls both of them up so he can reach his pitiful crotch.

    "Ah, ah. Don't touch yourself yet." I face him, my heavily lashed eyelids half closed. I reach in my handbag for my lipstick. I apply a couple of generous layers to my shiny lips and then slowly, sexily, wet them with my tongue. I move to my new slave toy, swaying my big ass until our gigantic breasts are touching, squashing against each other. He begins to rub faster and faster, gasping uncontrollably around the partially inflated gag. "Now," I whisper breathlessly, and take the inflator bulb in my hands as his eyes get bigger. And... turning the valve, I release the air and the gag goes limp in his mouth. He takes a much-needed deep breath, and begins to rub his crotch.

    "Stop!" I command and strut around him, my heels making wonderful tippy-tap noises on the floor. "How dare you play with your cock, you slut! Why, You are not even fully dressed, are you, you whore!!!" He is totally shocked and confused. He barely manages a pathetic, "No, Mithreth?" "I said you are to call me Mistress Alaina. You little bitch! Ohhh, you will suffer for this insult." "Meth, Mithreth Alantha, I meanth …" "SHUT UP YOU LITTLE COCKSUCKER!!"

    I stride away to the closet and select a pair of mirror-finished black high-heeled mini-boots with huge fox fur cuffs around the top and zippers up the sides. Their heels must be steel re-enforced to support their 6-inch plus height. "Put these on!" Quickly he kicks off his pumps, wriggles his nylon-encased feet into the stilettos, zips them up and stands, swaying, uncomfortable in the high spiky heels. I hand him another pair padlocks from my purse and he reluctantly uses them to imprison himself in his booties.

    "Much prettier," I say. The inflator tube, like black licorice, hangs from the bizarre red latex lips of his mask. The mask itself is bizarre. Its features are immobile, expressionless – yet sexy. The molded in wig, long, purple, and lustrous, shines in the light. He is almost ready - a perfect fur slut lesbian lover! I lead him to the mirror and laugh as his eyes feast on the slut slave that I have made him.

    I walk to his closet for the finishing touch. I move through the contents looking, searching for just the right thing. Finally, I find what I'm looking for. What a divine surprise, a waist length Sable "chubby" jacket with a nice big shawl collar and giant turn-back sleeves. Sable is my personal favorite. It must be a custom-made coat, made large enough, it looks like it would even fit my well-endowed figure. The craftsmanship is outstanding. I have never seen such puffy sleeves. The dark fur, is so shiny and thick. I push the fur into my face and inhale the fine hairs into my nose, tasting the fragrance. I rub the soft, soft fur, against my cheek, losing myself in it. For a few moments, I forget about the sissy slave and drink in the allure of the fur. Delicately, I stroke the Sable with my gloved hands, becoming mesmerized by it, until I feel the juices drip from my pussy. This is too good to pass up.

    "Get your sorry ass over to the bed," I order as I reach for a pair of steel handcuffs linked by two feet of chair that I found on the closet shelf. I push my slave toy so he faces on of the bedposts. "I want you to wrap your arms around that post and hold on for dear life," I order. Soon he is embracing the heavy post as I secure on cuff to his right wrist and pull it tightly back around his body where I lock the other cuff on his left wrist. Now is bound to the bedpost, facing the bed with his arms wrapped around himself and the post.

    "Now it's my turn," I announce to him as I open my purse and remove the remote control for my panty vibrator. "You may watch me, my little bitch. This will be your punishment for failing to address me properly. I take my time arranging myself on the fur bedspread. I smile at my slave as I roll onto my back and pull the Sable jacket over my face so the fur surrounds my hungry body. As I breathe in the nectar of the fur my hand manipulates the control and my body jumps as the bullet vibrator hits its lowest setting.

    My free hand strokes the soft fur, caressing it through the kid leather of my glove. The feeling is incredibility sensuous. The soft fur of my panties gently touches the lips of my tingling vagina.

    I move the control to its next level and the vibrator buries some of the soft fur deeply into my clitoris, now swollen with desire. My hips involuntarily begin to hump my invisible lover. This feeling is so exquisite, I have to work very hard to keep from spoiling the moment with a few quick climaxes. But my experience prevails as I fight to control the pleasure.

    I enjoy myself for another few minutes, forcing back my need for completion before I move the remote to the next highest level. Instantly, my vibrating clitty sends messages to my foggy mind that it must be permitted to climax. I feverishly work the Sable over my exposed skin as I scream to divert myself from completely letting go. My will power is starting to fade as I hold on to the very pinnacle of my opulent passion. Just … a … few … more … minutes … aaaaaahhhh!

    Finally, I can stand it no longer and I push the remote to its highest setting and grab the Sable jacket with both hands, forcing it desperately to my face. The tiny vibrator reaches its maximum stimulation and my hot clitty forces me to scream at the top of my lungs. "AAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaeeeeeeeeee…..YES! YES!" I see bright starbursts from behind my tightly clenched eyes as climax after climax wrecks my body. I am no longer in control…my body has taken over. My back arches and my legs stiffen. I am cumming again and again. After a few minutes of this, my mind closes everything down and while I sink into blackness, my hips continue to involuntarily buck against the relentless vibrating bullet.

    I don't know how long I'm out, but the constant buzzing in my pussy brings me back to reality. With great effort, I manage to turn the remove off, only to find the thrilling vibration between my legs seems to continue as a phantom sensation. A few moments more and the sensation finally disappears.

    I take the fur jacket from my face and find my new slave pumping his hips against the hard bedpost, frantically trying to climax after witnessing my little show.

    I am a little embarrassed about letting a new slave see me this way but the torture he is about to experience will help make up for my embarrassment. As I sit up in bed to compose myself, I reach over to his gag inflator and furiously pump air into his gag. His eyes pop wide open as the inflatable fur cock pushes into his throat blacking the airway and causing him to choke severely. I stand up, and reaching under his skirt, ferociously squeeze his hanging balls, which causes him to jump up and down with pain.

    I smile at him and my hand good-bye as I walk into the bathroom to freshen up. If his luck is any good, I will come back for him before he suffocates. Ten minutes later, I return to find he has lost consciousness but is still alive. At this point I have to decide if I am going to keep him or not. If not, I can just leave him here to become another victim of autoerotic asphyxiation. Decisions, decisions. What the heck, I have plenty of time, and he hasn't really shown me everything that he can do, so I guess I'll keep him. I walk over and deflate the gag and he involuntarily sucks in a huge breath of air. After a few minutes, I unlock the handcuffs and let him slip to the ground. I go downstairs and make myself a nice drink. When I return, he is ready to go again, but his eyes seem to be much more fearful than before.

    "Do you want to quit?" I ask. "Noooo Misthreth. Pleathee doan thtop, pleatheee," is his reply. I take the Sable and walk back to him, watching his eyes all the time. It's obvious he likes it too. "Ohhhhh, this feels soooo soft," I whisper as I hold it out for him to put his arms through the sleeves. He carefully dons the prize. I was right, the jacket fits perfectly. Still excited by the magic of the fur, I move around to him and gently run my long tongue over his gigantic tits. You would think that he could actually feel it by the way his breathing increases.

    "OK, bitch," I say as I pull the collar high around the slave's head and close all of the clasps on the front of the coat. A few quick squeezes on the gag inflator hanging down between his breasts and his eyes open wide in fear. "I think you are ready." This is no longer a man, or even a human being. It's just my lesbian fur slave and I intend to fuck the shit out of her. I push her over to the bed, holding her by her tiny hourglass waist, and slowly we climb onto the thick furs piled on the giant bed. Then ... I attack!! And my slave responds in kind!

    We are frantic, rapturous in our heat of passion. Stroking the furs, rolling and pulling at each other's bodies; sliding over shiny contours of fox, leather, and mink covered flesh. My fur slut is gasping for air now. The effect of oxygen deprivation is clouding her poor mind with passion - ready to spurt the thick white cum into my mouth, pussy, ass, or anywhere. But she doesn't understand I am in control, not her. I frantically pull the mini-dress up to her waist exposing her erect clitty. Her eyes watch as I slowly begin to lick the inside of her silk clad thighs moving up to the target of both our obsessions.

    I want to let her think I am going to take all of it, into my open, creamy lipstick coated, eager, and warmly inviting mouth - slick and wet. My writhing tongue waiting to slide over the underbelly of that spurting jerking organ, rigid and pulsing inside my scarlet painted lips ... choking me with its length!!

    I take my fur slut's cock in my hand and gently, very gently, begin to slowly masturbate it. She is lost in passion as my other hand is fondling the inflator bulb to it gag. I pump it up quickly -shhh-shhhh-shhhshhh- and her mouth fills with fur and rubber. Beneath the expressionless face of the mask, framed by dark acrylic hair, I can see the passionate tears in my slave's eyes as I feel her excitement, muffled and urgent, building.

    I pull my own dress up to reveal taut stocking tops and slide out of my fur panties. Slave Sissy's cock is throbbing now in its tight leather harness and lovingly I coat it with my creamy lipstick, and slippery saliva, rubbing my gloved hand up and down its delicious length, in and out of my lips, controlling my outrageous slut whore. I feel the head throb and pulse as she begins the first convulsions of orgasm somewhere deep in her balls, with my shiny red lips sliding smoothly up and down her swollen dick.

    My slave's tightly corseted, fur encased, body begins to twitch and buck out of control as I feel a huge jet of cum trying desperately to spurt towards my mouth, splashing across my painted lips. Behind her tightly wrapped hood I hear her passion rising. . MMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmmm! My hand is frantically rubbing my own soaking wet clitty in unison with my stroking of my fur slave's penis.

    Without warning, I stop working my slave's cock as I feel the peak of another orgasm overtaking me. I force my face deep into the furs, breathing in the intoxicating aroma of the animal fur and my perfume. The poor sissy whore begins to whimper as tears fill her eyes. Her hips bounce wildly in a vain effort to complete her act. She was soooo close, but she can only watch as I feverishly work my hot wet cunt into a mind-bending frenzy. Her cock harness keeps her hot seed prisoner deep within her painfully sore testicles.

    My rational mind shuts down momentarily as my pussy begins to flow with cum, controlling me. It is one huge orgasm after another, filling it with hot juice, my magnificent hips buck against the fur, and my long legs are imprisoned in a sexual paralysis atop their stiletto heels. For a while I cannot move but my slave continues to buck her hips wildly, trying to get to herself to cum.

    Coming to my senses, I laugh at her frustration, "I told you I would punish you for your insult to me." I smile sweetly at the new toy that I created. I hear more moaning from behind the inflated cock as slave realizes that she will never get to cum tonight. I gaze longingly into her eyes as her lack of air begins to put her mind to sleep. "Nighty night!" I whisper as I gently kiss the cheek of her latex mask, and lay down beside her, wrapping the fur throw around me for a much-deserved nap.


    When my sissy slut finally regained consciousness, he was slow to realize his situation. It's been several weeks since I watched him fade to black in his uptown condo. Poor thing. A lot has happened since then. I decided that this slave might have potential, so instead of selling her off to another fur cloister member, I decided to keep her myself. I have completely fur-feminized the man-whore-slut who picked me up and took me to his home for a look into his dream world.

    I decided to make all his fur dreams, and his nightmares, come true. After all, he had the money to do it. I just ran his credit cards up to the max, cleaned out his investment and bank accounts, and then after I sold his house and car, he just disappeared off the face of the earth, and into my personal service as a fur sissy, until I am finished with him.

    My close friend, Mistress Tashia, helped me to arrange for some minor changes to his body to fit my needs. Nothing drastic. I still want him to be constantly humiliated and suffer as a man trapped in a woman's body, and I do have an occasional need for a functional cock and balls from time to time, so they are still attached, and can work anytime I want them to.

    But "Miss Honey," that's his new name, now sports a nice pair of 42-DD titties. Hey, his money was paying for it so I figure why not go for the big ones. The best doctor in Los Angles did the surgery and they are really a knock out. So what if the extra weight hurts his back and shoulders? All he's going to do will be done on his back or belly, right?

    I had his cock sucking lips injected to make them nice and puffy, and of course, all of his body hair has been permanently removed. And some additions were made to his ass to round out my slut's personality. Miss Honey's face still looks the about same however, less any hair of course. Admittedly, he's still somewhat ugly but part of his humiliation is the whoreish make up I force him to wear to cover up his masculine face. He will forever be envious of the beauty of the real women that he serves. I think it's really funny, a killer woman's body with that ugly male face. So now he is totally mine. After all, who else would want him, where else can he go?

    I do so enjoy keeping him dressed to the max. After all, for a whore, presentation is everything. All of her, ah...his furs are now part of my collection, along with all of the bondage gear from the condominium. I like to change his hairstyle and color to match my moods, so I even had his head hair permanently removed. Now he just wears wigs. Two weeks ago, he was able to show his devotion to me when I had "Sissy Slut Miss Honey - Property of Mistress Alaina," and a pair of women's red lips tattooed just above his sissy clit.

    This evening Miss Honey is going through the regimen that I have taught him. A pleasant two-hour workout on the stair-step machine, followed by nice, cleansing, warm enema, a long, hot shower and application of skin conditioner. Then he allows at least an hour to apply his make up, and finally dresses in the clothes I lay out for him.

    I have decided that tonight will be a red night for my Miss Honey. Right now, he is wearing a wild bright red wig, some really over-the-top makeup with three shades of red eye shadow, fluttering long false lashes, slick glossy lips with a color that perfectly matches his hair, long cheap dangling jewelry hanging from his neck, his wrists, and his freshly pierced ears. Of course, in keeping with the modern trends, I had both his nipples pierced and gold rings fitted. I find that they make controlling him very easy.

    I cinched Miss Honey into a bright red leather and lace punishment corset fully lined with fur, and sporting reinforced cutouts that force his new, huge, tits up and outward to form some truly amazing cleavage. Recently, his nipples are staying erect most of the time. I like to coat them with a special combination of hormones and wax that makes them a bright cherry red and soooo erect and hard that they itch and hurt most of the time. Nipples are so very sexy and can be used in a multitude of ways. Sometimes as a punishment, I make him wear a special bra that has pockets for frozen gel inserts sewn into the nipple area. I keep the reusable inserts at about twenty degrees Fahrenheit. When I want to punish him, I can lock the bra on him with the freezing inserts torturing his nipples. It's very effective.

    The corset he is wearing tonight has eight suspenders attached to it. I like to use eight suspenders because he has so much trouble securing all of them to the tops of his red, seamed stockings. The delicate hose extend down inside a pair of glistening, red, patent leather boots with pencil-thin 9" high stiletto heels and 3" platforms. The boots come up just above his knees. They have gold lightning stripes running their full height on each side. He won't be wearing panties tonight so Miss Honey's newest additions to his tushie shows up very well in this outfit.

    "Now Honey, go to the closet and pick out a nice fur coat and muff. Something really big and fluffy I think. The fur association will be here this evening and I want you to really show off for them." He minces over to the open closet, carefully balancing on the ridiculously high shoes. He must walk slowly, placing one foot directly in front of the other to maintain his balance. I love it. The boots make his new, big, ass sway invitingly and show off his creamy thighs and calves. My special customer tonight will love him.

    Miss Honey returns with a floor length Lynx coat specially tailored for him. It has huge padded shoulders, a giant empire collar, and gigantic, puffy sleeves. He is carrying an over-stuffed matching muff that doubles as a purse. With this outfit contrasting all the bright red he is wearing, I think a lot of out guests will find him very entertaining. You know, if I were to put that muff over his painted whore's face, he would actually look good enough to eat.

    In preparation of the night's agenda, I have already prepared his velvety sissy pussy by giving him a second enema and thoroughly rubbing in half a jar of skin softener. It will be a night of hot fucking and sucking and I don't want his pretty brown hole tearing and damaging my property. I'm getting sooo horny again just thinking about it. I can't imagine anything but the shear enjoyment of watching Miss Honey getting fucked while I masturbate with my furs.

    I make Honey prance around the room in his furs and high boots, shaking his ass and wiggling his tits that stick out prominently from beneath the Lynx. One of the reasons I chose Miss Honey as a slave is his unbelievable passion. I want to push his threshold to the limit tonight. He will receive no mercy. In fact, I am so excited that we might as well get started now.

    I have a twelve-inch long dildo that is three inches in diameter fastened to a mount on the wall to help my slaves practice fucking and sucking. "OK, Miss Honey its time to warm up for the party." I point to the cock on the wall and he reluctantly sashays over to it, bends at the waist and licks his thick red lips. Then he passionately tongue-fucks the tip of the dildo and lubes the shaft with his hot saliva. His bulky lips work the realistic looking dildo like a pro, moving up and down, swirling around the shaft and paying particular attention to the soft skin under the head.

    Once he gets it all creamy red, wet and gooey, he looks at me for instructions. I nod my head and he hesitates. I immediately get up from my chair and cross the room, pulling his coat up to reveal his exposed ass as I relentlessly beat him with my long leather gloves. "Get on with it you bitch! Don't make me tell you again," I scream after leaving big welts on his white skin.

    In tears he bends at the hips, flips the long coat up over his back and head. He backs up slowly towards the wall-mounted cock, grinding his soft asshole against the wet dong until he is impaled. I pull my chair closer and start rubbing his hard clit and my own steaming cunt-hole as he fucks the wall with his ass. I reach up and massage my nipples, as I push my hot mouth onto his. Probing, testing him with my tongue, and then finally forcing its entire length deep in his throat. He responds by sucking and fucking my face with his mouth as he continues to screw himself into the wall.

    Miss Honey's asshole has finally managed to consume the large dildo completely. As he humps it, I pump his clitty. His climax can't be far off as his long silky legs begin trembling. He swoons, as I watch his exquisite thighs flex, shaped to perfection by his sky-high heels. I feel his clit and balls begin to twitch as his orgasm begins to build in unison with my own.

    I stop kissing him, and pulled the fur collar up tightly around his head, as I whispered encouragement to him. "Bounce you bitch! Bounce up and down faster. How do you think you are going to satisfy my customers if you don't learn to get off with your pussy? And you better not get any of your sissy juice on my fur coat either." I am sitting just inches away from his head. I drop his clitty and concentrate on my own needs easily reaching the first climax as my pussy and asshole tingle together and my legs are momentarily paralyzed straight. I keep cumming … again, and again. This is bitch whore really gets me hot. I push my crotch into his face.

    I hear the plopping sound of his ass cheeks slapping against the wall, as he drives himself into oblivion. Faster and faster, he pumps his ass up and down on the dildo. His whore's face contorted in the throws of passion, his legs push him hard back onto the latex monster and he now pumps his own rod furiously, finally pushing back with all of his strength and shooting his hot sperm three feet across the floor. Then he realizes, a bit too late ... he is "glued" to the wall by the suction of his bulbous ass. I giggle as I watch him struggle to free himself, his humiliation at my hands complete for now. I walk out of the room reminding him to lick up all of his cum and clean up the room. Then he is to repair his make up, and meet me in the living room in fif#@11)+-#@11)+-#@11)+-#@11)+- minutes.

    It is 8 p.m. and my guests will be arriving. I have placed Miss Honey just outside the door under the porch light as a fur beacon in case anyone gets confused about where the meeting is. It must be 15 degrees outside but he is snuggly warm wrapped in his fur with his muff to keep his hands warm. As the guests arrive, everyone comments on his outfit.

    By 8:30, every person has arrived and I bring Honey into the kitchen to warm up.

    I offer him a nice hot cup of tea, which I have made for him. He drinks it all down before he realizes that I never do anything in the kitchen, that's the cook's job. Too late, he senses I gave him a sedative in his tea. As the narcotic takes affect, I walk him back to a guest bedroom and lay him on the bed.

    A few minutes later, my "special" customer, Grande Dame Linda, arrives. She has paid me an enormous amount of money for the honor of initiating Miss Honey into our fur cloister. She promised something truly unique. Miss Honey is semi-conscious on the fox covered bed. I enter with his tormentor, who dressed from head to toe in black. She sets a large leather satchel down on the bed.

    Dame Linda likes to dress dramatically. Tonight she looks a furry figure of death. She is wearing a dark mink pillbox hat with her long black hair pulled up into a bun. A heavy veil is completely covering her face. Her severe black business suit it trimmed in the same dyed black beaver fur down the front, around the breasts, waist, and hem, with large fur cuffs and collar. She is wearing ankle high black leather boots with 4" stiletto heels.

    Miss Honey's blurred eyes look at Linda's face but can see nothing behind the veil. He does hear the cackling laugh of his new tormentor however. I can see the glimmer of fear in his eyes, but he is still too weak to do anything to stop her.

    I seat myself on the nearby couch to watch the show. I take a very large mink stole from across the back and drape across my bare shoulders and down the front of my body. I wiggle my tight dress up my velvety thighs, reach into my panties and begin to rub myself with the fur. "MMMmmm. This is going to be good," I think to myself.

    From her bag, my "guest" pulls out a long, thick, penis gag with an intricate leather harness and an old-fashioned style glass bottle with a cork in the top. Forcing Miss Honey's head back and pinching her nose, she pours the bottle of syrupy green liquid between my fur whore's painted lips, quickly following it with the gag. The gag slides easily down his gaping gullet…then the harness is pulled tight over and around his head. It's secured with a small lock. He gags for a few seconds on the liquid and the long penis.

    The woman roughly jerks Miss Honey's face close up to her mouth and whispers, "That'll give ya something to suck on, sweetie! Your medicine is an old family recipe. Handed down through generations of dommes in my family." The black clad Mistress intently watches Miss Honey's eyes for signs that the concoction is working as she continues, "It's going to make you so horny you will want to fuck a fence post all day. Welcome to the fur cloister. Enjoy your evening, you cum loving fur slut."

    For the next few minutes she pulls, pinches, and stretches Miss Honey's nipples...watching them grow gigantic as she secures small chains clipped firmly to his tittie rings. A couple of strong tugs on the chains bring a squeal of pain from behind the gag. "Yessss, you want this badly don't you sissy!" I think to myself, "Damn this woman is good. I can learn something from her," as I fur my pussy faster, and push some of the soft mink into my face.

    Her next target is Miss Honey's tiny erect clitoris. The inquisitor takes a large, thick, piece of rabbit fur from her bag and begins stroke it under the head, teasing, and stretching the sissy's clit while briskly rubbing up and down the shaft with her other hand. I'm enjoying myself as I watch the reaction the soft rabbit hairs bring to my slave's erection! Miss Honey quickly becomes lost in a furry passion. His luscious clitty twitches and jerks as an orgasm rips through his body and his cum is caught on the rabbit pelt. His hips fuck the open air as he begs for more through his gag. "Muuuuuff! Moooorrrrfff!"

    Watching Miss Honey climax pushes me over the brink as , after passionate of furry delight racks my pussy. "Mmmmmm…god, does that feel gooood!" I scream passionately into the mink. My pussy juices are really flowing. My darkly furred guest makes her own passionate grunting sounds as she works her slave up to another fever pitch. Suddenly she stops … leaving Honey with nothing but unfulfilled passion and bulging testicles. "Ah too bad," I call to Honey, looking deeply into his tormented eyes from the couch. "Well, at least I got mine," I giggle. Dame Linda wipes the fur pelt with Honey's warm cum over his face.

    The inquisitor roughly flips Miss Honey over onto his tummy and slaps him repeatedly across his plump ass cheeks. Then she forcefully inserts two fingers into the worm's softened rectum. The grunting from behind the black veil tells me she really enjoys deeply probing my slave's ass. The fur mistress drools over the pain and ecstasy she is inflicting. The skin treatments have obviously worked well on Miss Honey's soft pliable anus but more lubricant is needed. Dame Linda produces a tube of KY and squirts liberal amounts on Honey's exposed flower. The two fingers are easily inserted. Soon another finger is forced in and then another. With renewed interest, I watch Dame Linda going crazy, soon ramming her entire fist in and out of Honey's asshole, doing everything she can to enlarge it as much as possible. Now she is working to manipulate his prostrate as he pushes back hard trying to fuck Dame Linda's forearm. She begins to stroke his exposed cock, and his cum is milked out of his balls without him getting any sexual relief. Dame Linda and Honey begin screaming at the same time. One in pain and the other in passion.

    I reach under my dress and start to rub my own pussy again. The scene before me excites me to the brink of another climax. My concentration is broken when Mistress Tashia opens the door and reminds us it is time for the main event of the evening. My dripping pussy will soon have its relief when Miss Honey's performance continues in the next room.

    "That's enough, Dame Linda. We have guests waiting to see your show," Mistress Tashia warns. The next phase of mischief planned for my worm should be interesting. Dame Linda wipes her hands dry on a towel and turns to me "I will need your assistance Mistress Alaina." Following her directions, I help as we laboriously bind Miss Honey into position using a myriad of strong lengths of leather belt with roller buckles.

    We strap his knees and ankles together…and then his wrists are strapped to his thighs with cuffs just above his knees. At his elbows, my guest secures a thick strap completely around his torso enclosing his arms, and pulls it tight. Finally, the chains from his nipple rings are attached to a cock ring behind the swollen head of his hard clit. The ring is not tight enough to prevent ejaculation but whenever he tries to straighten up or even buck his hips, the chains will yank on his nipples.

    We leave Miss Honey trussed up, as we check on preparations in the living room. While we are gone, the drugs are taking affect and Honey feels a strong, almost electric, warm tingling in his nipples that steadily radiates to his stomach, to his pulsating penis, and back up to his boy-pussy. As his excitement increases, he looks around the room for a distraction. Through his drug-induced haze, he makes out the shape of a large wooden box by the door. His mind is somehow puzzled about the box, wondering what it's doing in the bedroom. He will soon find out…very soon.

    I return with the fur Dame Linda and two large male slaves graciously on loan from a couple of our members. At her insistence, I inspect the craftsmanship of the box. It has a sumptuous Opossum fur lining. The fur covers a molded insert that matches the contours of Honey's body in his bound position. The quality of construction and attention to detail is magnificent.

    Dame Linda orders the two slaves pick Miss Honey up and move his bound body into the wooden box. Miss Honey can now clearly see the thick, dark fur inside of the box as he is slowly lowered down, face first. The look of fear on his face is exquisite. Standing close by, I quickly reach into my panties again, and begin to quickly bring myself to the threshold of another juicy climax as I watch Honey's anguish.

    The opulent fur lining of the box is black, very thick, glossy fox fur. His passion and my envy increases as the fur begins to caress his skin inch by inch, engulfing his tearful eyes, and penetrating every crevice of his nose, ears, and crotch. It forces its way into his mouth around the edges of the gag. It softly caresses his naked tits, clitty, thighs, and finally his sissy balls as he is slowly, very slowly, lowered into his new prison. His muffled cries are barely audible. His bright red outfit contrasts delightfully against the black fur of the box. I finger myself to an orgasm.

    "I hope you enjoy this, little missy," Fur Queen Linda says, putting as much venom into her voice as possible. Then she directs the slaves to strap Miss Honey's kid gloved arms to the inside walls of the box. It is fiendishly designed with just enough room for him to kneel in the box. The fur feels soft and welcome on his knees. The box insert is shaped to support his midriff and distribute his weight evenly across his body. There is even a deep fur-lined depression for his erect cock with its chains linked to his nipple rings.

    His head faces one end of the box while his freshly probed ass faces the other. Even if his arms weren't strapped to the sides of the box, there would be no room for him to move. He is trapped in a kneeling position with his torso bent forward. The box insert even forces his chin up so that he faces the hole in the end of the box.

    Dame Linda hooks a small rubber tube to Miss Honey's penis gag. She then whispers its purpose in my ear, and after much giggling and laughter, she explains the design of the box lid to me. "The inside is covered with the same thick fur used in the bottom. It is placed over another contoured top insert that forces the slave's head, back, and butt down so he will stay in position. It is simplicity itself," she reveals proudly.

    She gives the slaves the order to close the lid and seal the box. I position myself in front of Miss Honey's face so that I can watch the trapped look in his eyes as long as possible. I stand facing his, my hips pushed out and my hand in my soaking panties. As the lid is closed, the last thing he sees are my beautiful lips blowing him a kiss.

    "You see the top insert forces his head onto the bottom, pinning his face securely in front of the hole at the head end of the box. The thick longhaired possum fur completely fills every crevice around his body, surrounding him in a soft prison, delicately tickling the back of his head, ears, neck, shoulders, and back. Even tightly stuffing the crack of his ass," she laughs to herself.

    There are muffled screams from the box. Oh, I love this. I reach a hand under my top and absent-mindedly stroke my stunningly hard nipples as I dream about exchanging places with my fur sissy. I am sure that being in such a dark confined area is sending s of panic through his drugged mind. It's his first time in this type of bondage. If he doesn't quickly begin to control his breathing, the fur over his face could suffocate him. However, I wouldn't see that as a problem, myself. I, have been bound in a fur lined full-body bag for hours on end and found it a delightful experience. "This bitch should be thanking us for this experience instead of whining," I tell my guest.

    Fur Dame Linda reaches into her bag and produces two keys. She hands me one and we each lock the eight hasps that secure the top of the box. Miss Honey is trapped and Linda's green potion is well on its way to causing Honey's sexual devastation. In other words, Miss Honey is getting horny as hell.

    There is a hole in the rear end of the box facing Miss Honey's lovely ass. It is just large enough for an arm to fit through. Two similar holes, are on each side of the box. One for reaching his huge tits, and the other for reaching his sissy-clitty. There is also the smaller hole in front of his face, but he won't be watching anything because a side effect from the drugs is his vision being blurred. He can barely catch a shadowy glimpse what is going on outside his box.

    The show begins almost immediately. Miss Honey is trying to buck his hips to move his erect sissy cock against the fur lining, in hopes of coming to a climax. His clitty has grown into a painful boner with a huge purple head. He tries to bounce up and down as much as he can but this brings no relief. Realizing the hopelessness of his predicament, he screams at the top of his lungs but his gag and fur-lined cell permits only an exciting, muffled sound that will draw interest from my guests.

    He has also found that the huge penis shaped gag is forcing hot, salty, sperm down his throat. He must keep swallowing or he will choke. The tube that Dame Linda plugged into the gag is attached to a huge reservoir of the stuff built into the top of the box. Dame Linda looks at me and smiles from behind her veil. "We're all set," she says.

    I quickly repair my "to the max" make up, and change my wet panties. I pull and smooth my tight sheared beaver dress over my wonderful breasts, my succulent wet pussy and ass, and down my creamy, silken enclosed thighs. I check my perfect body in the mirror. "Hell, I even make me hot!" I tell Dame Linda as I wet my lips with my long, moist tongue.

    I order the slaves to move the box down the hall into my spacious living room where the fur cloister members have gathered. The women are all seriously dressed in fabulous furs and jewelry. Mistress Tashia, my second in command, makes sure her sub, Miss Needa Diktosuk, is setting up the video equipment to record the activity. I have to laugh every time I hear that name. It just cracks me up. Mistress Tashia is a real treasure who owns her own fur salon, but I think that she still has a lot to learn about proper punishment of her fur sissy. Personally, I make damn sure that Needa toes the line whenever I use her.

    Needa is a fairly new slave and is coming along nicely. Tonight she is absolutely fetching in her 5" heeled purple "fuck-me" ankle boots with dyed purple fur trim, shiny purple hose, and her full length purple fur trimmed bondage corset that tightly secures her from her breasts to knees, "protecting" her from being violated by some eager domme. My mouth drools as I envision Mistress Tashia lacing up the back and then having to lace up each thigh while that slut Needa wiggles her ass in her face. She is dressed right for tonight, after all the color purple is for passion. I get excited just looking at Needa's shoulder length purple kid-leather gloves and her snow-white waist length overstuffed rabbit coat setting off her long white-blonde hair. Even her eye shadow is purple. No one would believe that she was a transvestite whom Mistress Tashia just finished training two months ago.

    I catch her eye, giving her a look that tells her we will be together again soon. I rub my thighs when I see the dread in her eyes. She wants to look away but she knows better than to insult me. She remembers the last time we were together and I disciplined her. Ah, sweet passion! But enough dreaming. Its time to get back to business, my attention is drawn to Miss Honey's box. He is so far gone from the drugs that he has no idea what is going on around him. Getting his own sexual satisfaction is his only interest now. He remains trapped in his box futilely continuing to try to shake the box to rub his clitty against the fur for an orgasm. But the box is weighted and it does not move.

    The crowd gathers around the box as the devastatingly evil Fur Dame Linda slides a thick two-inch diameter, lubricated tube deep inside Honey worm's gaping loose anus. Soon Astro-Glide mixed with Tiger Balm is pumped inside his bowels. The liquid and cream have been warmed so they blend well and coat his sensitive sphincter muscle and inner walls!

    Horny Honey is helpless as he instinctively begins humping his ass against the thick tube, trying desperately to massage his prostrate with it while doing his best to pump his enclosed cock against the furred insert at the same time. He moans helplessly against his cum dripping gag. His fervor has reached such a fevered peak that now he can finally frantically fur-fuck himself to climaxes time after time, his body racking from sexual pleasure, yet never quite being fully satisfied!!! He has drool and cum dripping from his thickly painted lips, stretched to their limits around the sides of the huge rubber penis wedged in his mouth. Eventually the tube is removed from his anus and Honey is left in a semi-conscious bliss from his efforts to satiate his urges using the tube.

    Several of the fur cloister members want to join in the "hazing" of Miss Honey. One pair, Mistress Sparks and her lover, Mistress China are especially hot. They make a stunning couple. Both in their early fifties, but they have spent a lot of their slave's money to maintain a youthful appearance. Both are tall, one is a blonde with sky-blue eyes, and the other, a redhead with bright green eyes. They are dressed in matching full-length Coyote coats with a white fox tuxedo style front trim. Both wear simple black lace evening dresses and beautiful diamond chokers around their necks. Their faces look so innocent. Their victims can't believe the torture that they are capable of doing.

    I invite them to use some shoulder-length fur covered gloves I had made to reach inside the box. They are delighted and after removing their coats, they quickly join in manipulating Miss Honey's body to push him repeatedly over the edge. They are everywhere, sometimes fingering and fisting his pussy hole, sometimes rubbing and pulling on his nipples, other times short stroking his clitty. Anything to add to his continued torment. His asshole-pussy is slick, enlarged and hot. He offers absolutely no resistance as they explore around his innards, thoroughly humiliating him, while he still tries to fuck anything put into his distended anus.

    None of the pain matters to Miss Honey. The only thing that he wants is to be fucked repeatedly so he can keep cumming! He fights to satisfy a need that he will never overcome. At least not as long as Dame Linda's mysterious green potion continues to work. At one point, they take turns fisting his huge hole. The determined dommes keep tweaking his sensitive skin, inserting, spreading and twisting with their hands as his asshole squeezes around them and he actually tries to fuck their arms as they deeply probe him!

    His nose, ears, and mouth are repeatedly assaulted by the dripping fur gloves that were just pulled out of his rectum. The women's fingers probe his mouth inserting them between his lips and the gag. They work tirelessly, pulling and pushing the penis gag deeper into his mouth causing even more warm, slimy cum to gush down his throat. The effects of the drug keeps him from feeling the pain in his throat and neck yet from the exaggerated position of his head and length of the shaft of being forced down his esophagus. But he soon will.

    Mistress China finally succeeds in getting a good hold on Honey's huge distended nipples, and she is tugging and twisting on the rings. At first, he squeals like a piggy, but soon only muffled orgasmic moans and erotic-squishing sounds from my slave's oozing orifices echo in his little fur-lined prison. The battle between Honey's physical stamina and his need to wildly fuck anything continues driving him crazy with a furry fuck-lust as his inquisitors continue to invade his holes, furring, rubbing against his thin inner membranes.

    Standing beside the box, I can smell the odor of Honey's sex as it permeates everything near him. It's as if some wild bitch animal in heat is trapped inside the box!! He has made huge biological dumps that are partly the reason for the strong odors I smell. His juices are dripping all over his body, as well as covering the fur lining of the box.

    I start to become a bit disappointed as I notice he has already passed out several times. There are short periods of inactivity. But, to his credit, he was able to revive himself each time. But, this performance will not receive high marks in my evaluation of his ability to satisfy my customer's needs. The drugs given him are still working, spurring him to new heights, but I'm beginning to wonder if this bitch can really go the distance. I don't see why he can't. I certainly know that if I were in his position, I could.

    Mistress Tashia is displaying a bit of her weakness by showing compassion on my new slave. She suggests that we bring our show to an end. Perhaps we could try to exhaust Miss Honey's sexual drives using electronic vibrators. I am personally against it. I suggest that instead we stake him out in the men's public toilet at the truck stop off the highway. I know he will get enough hard fucking there to work the drugs out of his system. But, the rest of the members agree with Mistress Tashia and point out that due to the cold and wintry weather conditions, they would be much more comfortable continuing to watch here in the living room, than going outside.

    I feel my anger is rising, but I must yield to the decision of the group…this time! I reluctantly agree to set up the grand finale vowing to myself that Miss Honey will pay for putting me to so much trouble. Grabbing a mink jacket, I walk down into my dungeon to find the appropriate equipment. It is well lighted but cold and I pull my jacket tightly around me. I just love this type of setting for the slaves. I check various storage shelves where I keep my bondage equipment. Finally, I find what I want. I have found some special vibrators that will really finish Miss Honey off.

    Back in the living room, I decide to use Needa to share in my wrath against Honey. "Get your sorry ass over here," I order. She demurely walks slowly to me, rolling her hips invitingly to entice me, but keeping her head bowed. To her credit, she recognizes my mood, kneels in front of me, and begins to kiss my feet. I pull her face into my crotch, letting her smell my pussy and furs. I almost forget the business at hand. "Enough," I bellow. "Get over to the box and remove that bitch's gag and replace it with this vibrator. Be sure you squeeze every drop of cum out of it and down his throat before you remove it." Needa looks quickly to Mistress Tashia who nods "yes" to her, and swiftly removes her white bunny fur jacket and moves to the box.

    Slave Needa reaches into the box. After several attempts, she finally squeezes the gag dry and manages to unbuckle it, removing the object from Honey's obscene mouth. As she pulls her hand out of the box, Needa's beautiful purple gloves are covered with thick gooey liquids, complements of Miss Honey. The stench is strong as the gag is replaced with a huge twelve-inch long vibrating dildo that I have chosen. It is capable of doubling its two-inch diameter. As the device is shoved into Miss Honey's ravaged mouth, it stretches his lips almost tearing the skin. Almost five inches of the electric prick still sticks out of his mouth and is poking through the hole in the end of box. I push Needa away and shove it down Miss Honey's throat another inch. "There, now buckle the harness," I order Needa.

    Satisfied with the monster in Miss Honey's mouth, I choose a large, buzzing, fur covered, horse-cock dildo to go between Honey's well-lubricated legs. I order Needa to stick her arm into the box to loosen up his sphincter. Needa reaches in deeply. "Go on, deeper. Move your arm around," I tell Needa. Soon she has her arm stuck in the box hole up to her armpit, fisting Honey as she does so. She pulls her cupped hand back with a nice puddle of liquid. The side of her corset and the full length of her glove is soaked with the stuff. My hand moves quickly to the fur of my panties lightly touching my clitty as I issue my next order. "Smell it!" There is no hesitation as Needa brings her cupped hand up to her nose and breathes deeply. My fingers are moving faster as my juices lubricate my perfect pussy. I must get hotter! "Lick it. Lick it all up!" is my next order.

    Several of the fur cloister members have joined me and start masturbating themselves in their seats. Much to my delight the new girl licks her purple lips and blows me away as her divine, long, tongue wriggles out of her mouth and tastes the goo. Then she makes a big show of slowly, lovingly, lapping it up, all the while keeping her eyes fixed on me as I fur myself to another orgasm. Then the little tease, smiles as she licks her glove clean. "Oh, yesssss. I love this show." I think as I reach a huge climax.

    After this pleasant interlude, my mood has much improved. I regain my composure, check my dress and have Needa insert the horse-cock dildo as far as it will go into Honey's enormous asshole. Only the power cord sticks out of the box.

    Next, I order a cock ring vibrator placed around the base of Honey's hardened clitty. This was an especially dirty job for Needa since there was so much urine and cum in that area. An anemia can clean out the bowels but the bladder is a bit harder to keep clean. I have her tighten the ring just enough to hold it in position but not enough to prevent him from cumming.

    The final two devices were actually cock ring vibrators too; I purchased them years ago to punish slaves that were very un-endowed. "Tiny-weenies," I call them. The small plastic rings have miniature plastic teeth on the inside surface angled to prevent them from falling off pathetic tiny dicks. I recognized a special use for them in this case. I have Needa secure them to Miss Honey's extended nipples, pulling the nipples and their piercings through the ring as far as she can so the teeth engage the tits. When tightened, they won't come off.

    All during the installation of the vibrators, Honey keeps trying to buck and scream through his filled mouth but the vibrator is lodged too deep in his throat to allow him to be understood. By now, Needa's sexy purple outfit is a complete mess with cum, sweat, lube, drool and heaven knows what else. It's even matted in her hair. The last thing I have her do is plug all of the vibrator cords into a power strip attached to the wall. I absolutely am not going to let Miss Honey get off easy if some cheap vibrator batteries wore down. These babies are all powered by 110 volts directly from the wall plug.

    I congratulate Needa on a job well done, and Mistress Tashia sends her to the servant's quarters to clean up. The dommes all gather around the box as I stand by the switch at the power strip, ready to send Honey to his final punishment of the evening. With a wicked look in my eyes, I turn on all of the vibrators at once and whisper, "Take this, bitch!"

    For a moment, there is silence … then the whole box jumps. A muffled but audible high-pitched constant scream comes from inside. Miss Honey's body bounces wildly up and down hitting the box on the sides, the top and the bottom of the box as he tries to get away from the overpowering stimulation. It seems like the vibrators are everywhere. The room is filled with the humming sound of five vibrators, all concentrating at once, to drive him out of his mind.

    The "love" potion still has him so horny that for the first five minutes he seems to actually enjoy the repeated climaxes that his body is producing. But then it becomes obvious that something is going wrong inside the box. After another five minutes of involuntary jumping and bucking, the physical responses from my slave start to weaken. During the same time, the muffled screams become less frequent, finally stopping. After fif#@11)+-#@11)+-#@11)+-#@11)+- minutes, there is no movement, and only the humming of the vibrators could be heard.

    Dame Linda orders the subs to turn off the power, get the keys, and remove the top of the box. As the top comes off, the view inside of the box is sickening. With the exception of the main body of his corset and the bottom of his shoes, every bit of Miss Honey's clothing was ripped to shreds. The smell of sex, urine, sweat, and blood was overpowering. Every square inch of the inside was coated with a thick brown paste. The bottom of the box was obscured by two inches of liquid. Miss Honey was still locked in his original position. It took four subs to lift him out, wrap him in a rubber sheet and take him to the servant's shower.

    Once he was where he wouldn't stain any of my precious furniture, clothing, or rugs, I had one of the cloister members who is a doctor, check for signs of life. She found a faint pulse and shallow breathing. After giving Honey injections of antibiotic and vitamins, she made out some prescriptions.

    "Honey will live, but his rectum and throat are pretty torn up. Especially his jaws and anus. In fact, he may have to wear a diaper to keep him from accidentally making a mess. I don't know if he will be fit to serve you again Mistress Alaina. He's going to have to rest and mend for a few weeks. Have your subs get him cleaned up, and be gentle with him. I will come back in a week to check on him."

    I put my hands on my ample hips as I feel a surge of anger work its way across my magnificent face. I have been wronged. "I spent all that money on this tramp bitch and he can't even spend a little quality time in the box. I'm not wasting any more of my time or money on him." I smile as I remember that I actually haven't spent a dime on this disappointing sissy. I used a little of money I took from his estate and kept all the rest. In addition, I still have all of his delicious furs to keep. I remember how weak he was at first anyway. I don't know why I even thought he could make the grade. "Hmmmmm. Maybe my evening will end on a bright note." I comment out loud. "Mistress Tashia will you please have the subs put Miss Honey in the back cell in the basement and have someone watch him tonight? I have some calls to make."

    Three days later, Miss Honey, heavily sedated, is tightly packed into a freight container of furs and new harem-girl outfits. The container is shipped by airfreight to a very happy fur-loving oil sheik I found in the Middle East. Miss Honey will never to be heard from again. No one ever crosses Mistress Alaina.

    I sit at my desk with my feet up, gently rubbing my exposed nipples to their full height with a muff from Honey's collection. "Hmmmmm. I wonder if I can talk, Mistress Tashia is to letting me have that deliciously sweet Needa for a few days. I could just eat her up…"
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    Default Re: The Ultimate Fur Lovers Story!!!

    Great story,wish I was your slave.............

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    Default Re: The Ultimate Fur Lovers Story!!!

    absolutely fantastic tale. we must hear more of mistress Aliania and her freinds. Please keep writing, its top stuff!

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    Default Re: The Ultimate Fur Lovers Story!!!

    this is without any doubts the best story ever written
    you should really keep on going with writing.
    i can not describe how much i the story liked but it was a lot
    and to be honest i cummed 2 times reading it the first time
    furry love to you all and 3 kisses on top of it
    greetings Martie

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    Default Re: The Ultimate Fur Lovers Story!!!

    It's quite good, but really long. Really graphic, too, but some people like that.

    I would suggest breaking it into parts, so people can read it and digest it better. Donmaze_27 does that with his 'Dream Job' series, as do a few others who post stories.

    By all means, keep writing. You definitely have the knack for it!
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    Default Re: The Ultimate Fur Lovers Story!!!

    it is long i must admit - it took me a while to write.

    After seeing loads more stories on this site i will definitly break up the next one onto a few chapters.

    I have loads or really short stoies I have done over the years on paper so will post a few more shortly.

    I have always wanted to become an errotic author just not convinced there is a big enough market out there for enough people to buy my books so I can afford to buy all the full length sables in the world to build my own fur house!!!!

    How great would that be to become the next Hew Hephner of fur ewth my very own fut mansion full of fur wearing beauties!!!!

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    Default Re: The Ultimate Fur Lovers Story!!!

    i am just putting the final touches to part 2 - should be ready tomorrow

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