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    Default Fur Story

    Just a quick story I wrote.

    Fur Story

    He could feel his breath coming hard as he ran from the stalled car.

    There were lights in the sky, there was...there was something calling his name.

    He had no time to stop, if he could get to the town, he would be safe there... Safe from... No, it wasn't what it looked like. When he went back, it would turn out there was a gas leak somewhere. Maybe he had fallen asleep at the wheel. It wasn't real.

    It wasn't *really* real.

    The beam of light hit him a moment later, and everything was lost to darkness.


    "You ever wonder if, you know, there's life out there?"

    "Life out where?"

    "Space, you know. Like other planets."

    "You mean like aliens? Little green men?"

    "You don't suppose that's what they look like do you?"

    "Why, you suppose they look like us?"

    "Why couldn't they?"

    "Why would they? Human beings evolved out of everything good they might have had."

    "Yeah, I suppose."

    "No teeth, no claws, bodies meant for thinking. A hundred hang-ups about what comes naturally."

    "No fur either."

    "Well ."

    "So do you suppose...?"


    "Aliens. Do you suppose they have fur?"


    He awoke in a terrror. There had been lights, something else. He was getting out of the car, and...

    What the hell had happened then?

    "You are awake."

    Female voice... from... from somewhere past the bed.

    "You will have difficulty speaking. Please refrain from doing so."

    Where the hell was she? Why was it so hard to sit up? His muscles felt like lead weights. It was hard to breathe.

    A dream, this must be a dream.

    Or he was dead.

    'Am I dead?' he asked, but his mouth refused to cooperate. "Aaaaraaaaaah."

    "You humans seem to find it difficult to obey the simplest requests. Is it any wonder you are seldom visited?"



    He finally got his head up enough to see his environment. It was like a doctor's office. Antiseptic, with gray metallic walls, and a smooth gray ceiling. There were no windows, no furniture. There was a doorway, a bright doorway and...

    He was not sure that he had ever seen anyone her equal, as long as he had lived. She was human at first glance, less so when he tried to focus on her harder, she was...beautiful beyond his ability to comprehend.

    Her form was human enough, perhaps a little taller than any girl he had known, a little thinner too, but he could see the graceful swell of her chest and the soft curves of supple thighs. Her face was a little thin, and she wore glasses that framed asian-looking eyes, dark as night all throughout. Her skin was creamy in color, and she had blond hair pulled tight into a bun on the back of her head. She carried a sort of clipboard of some sort and...


    She was wearing fur. Her form was accented by the white fur. It had a heavy collar that turned what might have been a hood behind, for how massive it was. The coat itself was brilliant, it came down to thin wrists, and padded her out. She wore it open, and a sort of black outfit under it, like a skin suit perhaps, making the fur stand out strikingly. When she walked towards him it gently moved as well.

    Quite without meaning too, he felt himself growing uncomfortably hard.

    Damn nice that *something* was working, but maybe this wasn't really the right time for it.

    She looked him over with a look of indifference, fingers moving across the clipboard.

    'Are you an alien?' he asked. His mouth said, "Aaaraaaalaaa."

    "Subject demonstrates typical human inability to follow orders." she spoke, her voice was like music. Beautiful.

    She walked nearer, her body moving under the fur, the fur moving over her.

    He felt himself get harder still, and sweat began to roll down his head as he tried to see what she was going to do.

    "Subject demonstrates sexual activity in response to visual stimulation. Initiating physical stimulation... now."

    She was reaching into her furry pocket for something, what was it? Oh hell, please he had to...

    Fur. She was rubbing his member with some sort of furred glove. Lightning bolts chased each other down his legs and up through his manhood. He tried to arch his back, anything, that feeling was so all-encompassing, he...oh...oh hell...he was going to...

    The contact was broken a moment before he was lost to ecstasy.

    "Subject demonstrates increased sexual activity when touched. Canidacy for program approved."

    She turned, and started back for the door, leaving him to try and feebly hold his head up again.

    'What are you going to do to me?' his mind screamed, as his mouth outright refused to make a sound now. 'Please, come back!'

    He was alone again.


    "Why would aliens have fur?"

    "Why not? Maybe their planet was cold."

    "A cold planet?"

    "I don't know. Why wouldn't they have fur?"

    "It's something that's probably unique to Earth. I don't know. They just wouldn't."

    "Well what if they did?"

    "I don't know. What about if they did?"

    "Wouldn't that be cool?"

    "Like how?"

    "Well, if some alien came into your room and was covered in fur what would you do?"

    "I don't know. It's a dumb question."

    "You're turning red."

    "We should just get going.

    "Come on! What would you do if an alien girl came into your room covered in fur?"


    "I'd come into HER."

    He looked around suddenly, as if he had woken up again.

    Nothing had changed. It was the same room. The same stainless steel room.

    His erection had faded at least, but the memory of it was still there. He could see the girl, in his mind, could feel the fur sliding down across his unprotected...NO!

    No he had to stop fantasizing about it. He had to get his strength back. Figure out where he was. Escape if he could.

    A leaden arm tightened as he tried to lift it again. He concentrated hard and it rose a half an inch and in return sent agonizing pain throughout his entire arm.


    He was forced to lay still, arm pounding, head pounding now too. He was not paralyzed. He could move. But it hurt so bad.

    The door opened again, and his captor returned.

    Wait, no. This was another one. She had the same thin body, but she wore a chunky chinchilla jacket, over the same black bodysuit he had seen before. Her hair was red this time, and she was carrying something.

    No, it was simply floating after her. It looked like some sort of metal egg, and as this new tormentor stopped next to him, she extracted a sort of suction cup from it and planted it on the end of his penis.

    'What are you doing to me?' His voice cooperated slightly more this time. "Whaarg aaar oooing damuuuh?"

    "Subject regaining verbal abilities." she said, fingers playing across the clipboard. "Testing production ability now."

    She leaned over him with a soft smile, her red hair hanging unbound over him as a furry glove gently closed around his manhood.

    'Aaaaaauggh!' he said, in his mind and with his mouth as she begin to softly pump the length of his shaft, lightning bolts shooting through him again.

    He closed his eyes and shuddered heavily, the fur was all around him, pressing into him. He could feel her breath on his face, the fur against his arm, against his chest, urging him to-


    The egg was sucking it out of him, but she wouldn't stop rubbing and he couldn't stop himself. His body thrust upwards against his will, until he felt himself lost to furry thrusts, and warm breath against him.


    "So why do you figure aliens don't look like humans anyways?"

    "Why are you coming back to that argument again? Do you suppose humans are like some sort of form to strive towards?"

    "Well, maybe not. What I'm saying is, what if there was a world somewhere else that was LIKE Earth."

    "Then it would probably be as boring as this planet."

    "But the aliens there could end up the same way as we did right?"

    "Well maybe. Listen, why is this such a big deal for you?"

    "Just asking."

    "Right. Head up in the clouds, right?"

    "As a matter of fact yes."

    "Should I watch out for your furry aliens?"


    "Do you suppose they're going to abduct me?"

    "You never know."


    "What would you do if they did?"

    "I'd cover my ass so they couldn't probe it."

    "You think they would be interested in your ass?"

    "Well, what do you suppose they'd want?"

    "I can think of something."

    "So you think your furry aliens are going to beam me up and have sex?"

    "Sure. Earth men are easy, right?"


    His midsection ached as he came to again.

    There was no sign of the redhead or the egg shaped receptacle, or anything else apart from himself.

    He tried lifting his arm and managed to flop it off the bed. With a bit more effort, he raised it back up. He could feel his toes flex as he tried to move them and a moment later he lifted his leg up as well.

    It felt like his entire body had fallen "asleep" and the blood slowly started to pound back through him. It hurt a little bit to move, but he forced himself to sit up now, despite the pain.

    Everything seemed to be where it belonged, thankfully. There was no sign of his clothing, or anything else in the room apart from the bed he had been laid out on.

    Forcing one foot in front of the other, he tried to move forward and for a few steps he actually made some progress until a leg buckled under him and he clanged hard against the wall and went down to the floor.

    Someone was entering the room again. He could see her feet, and lifted his head up to look at her.

    "You?" he whispered, his voice clear this time but full of confusion. His face felt like the blood rushed from it.

    She walked towards him, her body not quite as thin as the others, but her curves were heaviver, the sable coat not quite meshing with the black t-shirt and jeans she wore, but it still looked good on her. Anything did.

    She crouched down and took his hand, helping him to his feet, and then to the bed.

    "You are going to have to rest more. But I have some good news for you too."

    He could feel the soft sable against his naked arms, it rubbed against his member as she sat down back facing him and looked over her shoulder with a smile.

    "What news?" He felt like he wasn't even in his body as he said it, his member creeped upwards.

    She smiled, standing up suddenly. Her pants dropped off, her shoes were slipped off. She laid a pair of black panties down on the bed next to his head. Damn she smelled so nice.

    She slipped up above him, fur cascading down his arms, as she pulled his legs together and gently started to slide her wet vagina down over him.

    The fur, the feeling, the fur. He wanted to say no, why wasn't he saying no?

    Her lips parted, to accept him into her. She slid down over him. He could feel the sable rubbing his legs, she pulled a glove from her pocket, and slid it down to grasp him as she bucked a few times. Fur, the wetness, the fur.

    Somewhere in space he groaned and shuddered as she whispered, "I get to keep you."

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    Default Re: Fur Story

    Any empty seats on the next space shuttle ? I'll go in a heartbeat !!

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    Default Re: Fur Story

    brilliant story, love the ending! 10/10>HO

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    Default Re: Fur Story

    Wow, the whole rhythm of the story your story telling and... of course... the story itself is really awesome. Well told and nice to read.

    Only the title... :-) This story deserves a better title.

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    Default Re: Fur Story

    OKay... this was upload feb four, Two thousand and BLOODY NINE? and I can't recall reading it before?

    Mein gottfadder man, I want MORE!!!

    This has to be the start, surely.


    It's a Natural

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