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    I stood by the doorway.
    A cerminony was in progress. It was the farewell proceedings for the president of the collage, a Mr. King. He sat at the apex of the room, in an over stuffed chair, lounging there, a drink in his hand. He beamed, as the rest of the assembled spared no compliment. He grinned like a madman.
    I surveyed the room thoughtfully. It was a large, windowed room, furnished in middle class decor, panel walls, large windows, casual furniture. Mr. King sat at a prominent place, surrounded by various faculty, and beyond, squeezed into corners, angles, and shadowy slits, students. They appeared to be trying hard to work up the enthusiasm required, but not digging far enough, I thought.
    I stifled a yawn, and glanced behind me, into the room beyond.
    A few of the faculty stood there, seeming to ignore the activities beyond. The cold winter light thrown threw the windows gave a bit of a pale, unreal aspect to this scene. I watched this group, lounging around a hidden figure I couldn’t see, talking in low tones, and not really paying attention to anything else, much less me. I figured I would slip out as soon as possible. Then I noticed the person they were addressing.
    She was a young looking girl, small, with a milky complexion, and long black hair. She wore, strangely, a white fur coat, with edges laces with darker sections. Her eyes were dark and large, her mouth small and delicate. Her coat came down only to her waist, terminating above dark jeans.
    I felt a hot flushing run thru me. My heart beat loud and sharp.
    She glanced in my direction, I turned quickly away, back to Mr. King and the ceremony.
    He had risen, and was making a speech, long-winded and pointless.
    I listened to this speech for awhile, all the time wanting desperately to look back behind me, but not wanting to risk spooking the people within. But, finally, I could delay no more, and risked a glance behind me into the back room. They were seated now at tables, eating and talking. The girl sat at a table in front of a window, back to me, as a woman seemed to chat with her, though the words were too low for me to hear.
    I studied the girl some more, watched her, but never did she look behind her, or at the woman speaking.
    Feeling slighted, I turned away. I then thought that that feeling was unreasonable, since no one in that room knew me. I just shrugged, and watched the party again.
    It looked like it was near breaking up, but at length, some one stood, reciting at length some story of Mr. King and his accomplishments, and the whole thing seemed to begin again. Several stories were made, some more interesting then others, some wholly fabricated. I wanted to glance again behind me, the urge becoming more and more pronounced, to gaze again on that girl, in the white fur coat.
    I felt a stirring at my elbow, and turning slightly, I found the girl standing there, at my elbow, gazing out at the ceremony, at the raucous air beyond. She looked at me and smiled, I smile back, studying her as I did.
    She only looked young, as I noticed now, but in truth she was probably around twenty, small and slim, her delicate appearance only helping to dull her real age. Her coat was a white fox, with darker patches and areas, graying into black in some spots. She moved her arm, and as her coat brushed against my skin, an electric shock ran thru me, and I flushed hotly. She smiled again.
    I knew I was getting aroused here, but I was too flustered to think straight, and finally, smiling back at her, I turned my attention back to the ceremony.
    Mr. King was standing again, and seemed to be thanking everyone for attending. I breathed a sigh of relief, for this would soon be over. Except that Mr. King seemed to go on at length again, for some time, and smiling in his weird way. I fidgeted, for I was anxious for this to end, not merely to go home, but for the chance to find out something about this pretty girl currently at my elbow.
    Finally, Mr. King finished, and just then, I heard a door close, and glancing back, saw that the girl was no longer at my side, but had just left by that door behind me. I cursed softly, and turned slightly, made it to the door also, just in time to witness a small jeep type driving off.
    I closed my eyes, feeling the disappointment rise inside me. I had, apparently, blown my chance of talking to this girl, of even finding her name out. I shrugged, turned back to the party, and watched it break up….

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    Default Re: A story

    Hey, guys..
    I've got some ideas for continuing, but I dunno..
    Whatta you guys think? Is this worth continuing..?
    Please, lemme know..


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