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Thread: Vintage Leopard skin fur coat (real)

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    Default Vintage Leopard skin fur coat (real)

    I have inherited it from my granny, and now want to sell it.
    It is very beautiful, real Leopard skin fur coat. Very preserved, the fur still so soft and tender. I don't know what the size of this coat is, but i can tell you it fits many sizes realy nice. I have had my friends, from size M and L and XL, try it (to try to determinate the size) and the coat fit them all very nicely! The XL size "precisely" fit, but can't wear any thicker sweater underneeth...

    I am open for any suggestion price; but am aware of it's cost (cause it is rare, expensive, and exquisite fur).

    I'm looking foreward to your mails...

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    Default Re: Vintage Leopard skin fur coat (real)

    That looks stencilled to me: I suggest it is mouton?

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    Default Re: Vintage Leopard skin fur coat (real)

    And I would sugesst that I close this thread as usual.

    New member + Vintage and possibley illegal fur.

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