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Thread: Liberace movie on hbo

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    Default Liberace movie on hbo

    Hi fur lovers,

    Hi just wanted to let u all know did anyone see the liberace movie on hbo Sunday night all I have to say is Wow!!! There is a scene in the movie where Michael Douglas and Matt Damon are in a limo wearing the same lynx fur coat and they go into a porno video store if anyone has that scene from the movie please post it.

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    Default Re: Liberace movie on hbo

    i saw it tonight. matt damon also wears the lynx coat in a later scene as well. there is also a fur throw on the foot of the bed when they are in it together. the BIG one, the $300,000 white fox coat, was fake fur in the movie, but the rest were real and good quality. when they break up they also discuss the list of furs that were gifts. well worth a view!

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